ACEUVE Electric Vehicle Charging Points includes in its service all the activities necessary for the installation of your charging station. From the consultancy, to the commissioning going through the entire process of installation and legalization according to the Government regulations

The installation of the charger for your new electric vehicle is something that a certified installer must perform, and it's governed entirely by country legislation. It's also necessary to know the regulatiosn that the Ministry of Industry and Energy has defined for this type of facility (ITC-BT-52 regulation).

The charge of the electric car will increase home's power consumption, it is very important, to verify that your current installation supports this increase in energy consumption, and also, that the electricity rate you have contracted yo tour energy provider is appropriate.

Turnkey project

  • 01


    We will study your needs and propose the most appropriate charger for your Electric vehicle, charge profile and location. We will also inform you about existing grants and subsidies .

  • 02


    We take care of the installation according to the normative of Low Voltage ITC-BT-52, as well as the necessary equipment and materials to protect correctly your home against overvoltages, overcurrents and short circuits.

  • 03


    We write the Mandatory Technical Report , and issue the Certificate of Installation. The documentation is deposited in the Ministry of Industry and communicated to the electric supplier company, according to the law.

  • 04


    Starting up the equipment according to the technical requirements of the manufacturers, verify the correct operation , and explain its characteristics and mode of use.

What kind of installations do we carry out?

We are certified to carry out any type of installation:

  • Private Garage in Neighborhood Communities
  • Private garage for single-family homes
  • Company car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Parking
  • Public spaces
  • Charging Facilities - Petrol Stations
  • Hotels

In addition, our technicians inform you on maintenance service .

More information about chargers?